The development of technologies for the 21st century, coupled with fundamental scientific inquiry, is driving new theoretical and experimental research on control in quantum systems. Experience has shown that systematic use of quantum control theory leads to significant improvements in technologies ranging from magnetic resonance to prototype quantum computers. Compelling case studies of quantum control have been developed in wide-ranging fields such as chemistry, metrology, optical networking and computer science.

This is the eleventh international workshop on Principles and Applications for Control of Quantum Systems. The first workshop of that name was held at the California Institute of Technology in 2004. We retain its basic aim: to bring together researchers in physics, control theory, dynamical systems, stochastics, signal processing and information science to strengthen the community of quantum control.

As in previous workshops, all lectures will be from invited speakers and will present recent developments at the forefronts of theoretical research, experimentation and motivating applications.

The 2017 conference is taking place at the Hotel Deca, in Seattle, Washington, from Monday, July 17, to Thursday, July 20, 2017. A poster session will be held in the afternoon of the second day; participants can submit a title/abstract from the Registration page (details about poster sizing will be sent later by email).  This year, we will have two special sessions on quantum control in industrial research labs and integrated quantum photonics for quantum control.

Registration for PRACQSYS 2017 is now open!